Microsoft Excel


Click the PDF to see what you will be doing in this Unit

Formatting Videos 

DIRECTIONS: Open a new Excel Document, give it the file name Excel Practice, and save to your Computer Skills Folder.  Use this file for all the Excel Formatting Videos.

Numbers & Formulas Videos 

DIRECTIONS: Open your existing Excel Practice, use this file for all the Numbers & Formulas Videos.

Chart Videos

DIRECTIONS: Open your existing Excel Practice, use this file for all the Chart Videos.

Show Mr. Lewis Your Excel Practice

Weather Project

DIRECTIONS: In a new Excel worksheet, saved as Weather, you are going to record the high temperature for 5 different cities  anywhere in the world) for the next 5 days.  Use to find the high temperatures.  Go to 5 Day Forecast to find the high for the next 5 days.  Just record the high, do not add degrees or the degree symbol.

REQUIREMENTS: Format your text (font color, font size, font)

Merge and center your title

Add a column and give it the title average.
Use the average formula (AutoSum) to find the average high for each city.
Add and format borders in your worksheet
Insert a chart on a second worksheet for the temperatures
Add a chart title
Format the background of the chart with a picture

Show Mr. Lewis Your Weather Project

Pixel Art Project

DIRECTIONS: Watch the Pixel Art video below and follow the PDF directions to create your own Pixel Art creation. Open a new Excel document and name it Pixel Art. 

Show Mr. Lewis Your Pixel Art Project

Excel Post Test 

DIRECTIONS:  Open the Study Guide below.  Make sure you are familiar with each task.  When you are ready let Mr. Lewis know you are ready to take the Excel Post Test.  The Post Test will be graded. 

Show Mr. Lewis Your Post Test

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