Audacity Pre-Test

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Assignment One - About Me  

DIRECTIONS: Using the program Audacity you will create an MP3 or WAV file of you answering the following questions. 

1. What is your name and where do you go to school? 

2. What is your favorite school subject?

3. What are your top three favorite things to do? 

4. If you could won the lottery what is the first thing you would buy? 

Turn-In Assignment One 

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Assignment Two - Amplify 

DIRECTIONS: Click on the  amplify audio, below, and listen to it. What you're hearing is Mrs. O'Day reading a passage out of a book. You will learn to amplify a part of the story, per instructions below. Then in Audacity, go to file, open and amplify MP3. file in your downloads folder. 

Follow the directions listed here:

1.The first time you hear "The 5 Second Rule", highlight that area of the audio, go to Effect in the very top menu bar and look for Amplify. Type 10 in the highlighted area and then choose "apply clipping", then OK.

2. Find where she says "The 3 Second Rule" and amplify that phrase the same way, but this time to 7.0

3. Where you hear the word DISGUSTING, amplify this word alone, up to 15.

4. Listen to hear "The Book of Awesome" and amplify it all the way to 15.
5. File, export audio, change file to MP3, name it "(your name) Amplify Audio", save
6. Email this MP3 file into Mr. Lewis.




Show Mr. Lewis Your Assignment Two

Assignment Three - Effects 

DIRECTIONS: Follow the directions below and submit your assignment when completed.   


1. Open Audacity
2. Go to File, Import
3. Locate the 07 Time Warp (Glee Version) (the song) is  below....from your Google Drive, digital media folder and double click on it.
4. You will now edit this song using the Effects tab at the top of Audacity.
-Select the first 10 seconds and Fade In

-Select 10 seconds to 25 seconds and go to Bass, slide the Bass tool up about half way further to the right.

-Select 25 seconds to 35 seconds and go to Change Speed and adjust the Percent Change to -20.
-Select 40 seconds to 50 seconds, Change Pitch from "C#/D" to A. Keep everything else the same.
-Select 1.00 to 1.04 (you may need to use the magnifying zoom tool) and change the Tempo to -40
-Select 1.06 to 1.10 and choose "WahWah" from the Effect list
-Select 1.15 to 1.25 and Reverse
-Select 1.24 to 1.34 change the Sliding Time Scale/Pitch Shift from -25 to 65....leaving everything else the same.
-Select the last 10 seconds and Fade Out. 
5. File, Export Audio, change the file to MP3, name it "your name and Effects", save to Google Drive (digital media folder) 
6. Email this MP3. file to Mr. Lewis


Show Mr. Lewis Your Assignment Three 

Assignment Four - Commercial 

DIRECTIONS: Your job is to create a commercial for a business that either exists or that is fictional. You will need to create a script for the commercial that is anywhere between 30 - 45 seconds. Please add in music and at least two effects. 

Turn-In Assignment Four 

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Assignment Five - Interview 

DIRECTIONS: with a partner create a 8 question interview for a famous person in history. You should research your the answer to each question. Change the voice of one of the people to sound like the historical figure. You can do this by changing the pitch to be (negative for low voice or positive for high). Please also include background music that is quiet enough that both student voices can be heard.


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Turn-In Assignment Four 

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Audacity Post-Test

DIRECTIONS: Open the directions for the Audacity post-test. Follow the directions and use the MP3. file below to complete the post-test. When finished email your file to Mr. Lewis. 




Email Mr. Lewis Your Post- Test